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Local Architect & Design Managers

Services & Tools


Get in touch with your local architect & design representative for personalized service, project support, product and color consultations, and more. 

Midwest - Southeast Region

Architect and Design Managers

Midwest - Southeast Region

Rob Zaleski
Michigan, Northern Ohio
Phone: 734-564-3105

Mike Waggoner
Kentucky, Indiana, Cincinnati, Dayton & Columbus, Ohio
Phone: 502-263-9371

Shawn Faulkner
Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North & South Dakota
Phone: 312-286-6082

Deann Kranz
Chicago Metro
Phone: 603-379-7194

Carly Helbling
Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Ohio, Buffalo & Rochester, NY
Phone: 412-852-5254

Territory: AL, TN

Lyanet Moran
South Florida
Phone: 239-231-9996

Rocky Childress
Northern & Central Florida
Phone: 904-451-7515

Theresa Wills
Georgia & Eastern Tennessee
Phone: 404-556-2069


Architect and Design Managers


Stuart Millstein
New York City, New Jersey
Phone: 973-987-7975

Antoine Telford
Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York
Phone: 917-935-5059

Nicole Bennett
Brooklyn, Staten Island & Queens
Phone: 646-589-2293

Ash Lusk
Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia
Phone: 202-672-4859

Jeff Sauve
New England, Albany, NY & Boston, MA
Phone: 860-617-2833

Jeff Batten
North Carolina & Virigina
Phone: 919-946-2664

Stuart Brown
South Carolina, Western North Carolina, Tri-Cities Tennessee
Phone: 980-257-0297


Architect and Design Managers


Drew Harris
St. Louis, Missouri, Southern Illinois
Phone: 618-381-5307

Shane Crawford
Arkansas, Oklahoma, Springfield, Missouri & Memphis, Tennessee
Phone: 501-289-8154

Mandy Gonzales
Houston, Texas
Phone: 281-726-8515

Cassie McMillan

Houston, Texas
Phone: 346-546-2136

Jason White
Louisiana, Mississippi, Pensacola, Florida
Phone: 337-244-2797

Jeffrey (Keith) Watkins
Northern, Western & Eastern Texas
Phone: 469-651-7095

Debra Dominguez
Austin, San Antonio & South Texas
Phone: 512-516-9498

Carlandre Bussey
Dallas & Forth Worth, Texas
Phone: 214-422-0424

Dave Engle
Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Kansas City, Missouri
Phone: 816-550-2892


Architect and Design Managers


Dean Leschak
Phone: 303-204-1794

Susan Giampietro
Orange County, San Diego, Riverside & Long Beach California
Phone: 949-410-2452

Rafael Torres
Los Angeles, California & Hawaii
Phone: 805-656-8593

Ryan Henrie
Las Vegas, Nevada Salt Lake City, Utah, Montana and Wyoming
Phone: 435-817-3011

Olivia Diaz Gonzales
Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska
Phone: 210-419-0752

Christian Flanders
San Francisco & Northern California
Phone: 916-207-9763

Ron Stas
Arizona, New Mexico
Phone: 602-377-4002

Canada and Puerto Rico

Architect and Design Managers

Canada and Puerto Rico


Steven Whyte CTR
MPI Architectural Coating Technologist - ACT # 1161
Territory: Canada
Phone: 416-420-3603

Alpana Ansilio
MPI Architectural Coating Technologist - ACT # 1166
Territory: Western Canada & Ontario
Phone: 416-436-3681

Philip Caron
MPI Architectural Coating Technologist - ACT # 1170
Territory: Montreal & Western Quebec, Ottawa & Capital Region
Phone: 514-260-4837

Luc Renaud
MPI Architectural Coating Technologist - ACT # 1124
Territory: Quebec City & Eastern Quebec, Atlantic Canada
Phone: 581-309-8279

Alvin Bali
Territory: British Columbia
Phone: 604-379-5422

Puerto Rico

Hector Rivera-Ocasio
Puerto Rico
Phone: 787-379-8654