concrete protection, durability and beauty

At PPG, we understand that time constraints, budget requirements and tough substrate conditions can present complications on job sites. The PERMA-CRETE® Masonry Coatings line can help you overcome these obstacles with confidence. PERMA-CRETE's unrivaled performance characteristics equip the line to meet the demands of an unprecedented array of surface conditions to solve job site issues and prevent future problems.

Proper selection and use of coatings for concrete should lead to a successful and aesthetically attractive job. A wide variety of coatings are available for every kind of masonry substrate encountered in the construction market. Our PPG PERMA-CRETE Product Selector & System Guide has been designed to provide a simple and easy way for you to find solutions to all of your concrete and masonry needs by categorizing the PPG PERMA-CRETE family of products into the following five groups:

  • Fillers; Sealers; Primers
  • Elastomerics
  • Textured Coatings
  • Topcoats, Vertical Above-Grade
  • Topcoats, Horizontal Capable

The Product Selector & System Guide focuses on some typical concrete and masonry end uses and specific product recommendations for common masonry surface problems and conditions for both commercial and residential applications.

Use the Product Selector & System Guide to find the best coating for your concrete structure.

Download our PERMA-CRETE Product Selector Guide

Download our PERMA-CRETE Problem Solving Guide