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HOMAX Tex»Pro How-To Videos

Tex»Pro makes a tough job simple

Learn tips and tricks to help make tough jobs simple. With TexPro Texture Sprayer System, applying texture is now a breeze. For more How-To videos, check out our YouTube channel.

Introducing TexPro

TexPro Sprayer System

TexPro vs. Hopper Side-by-Side

Setting Up the Sprayer

Inspecting the Sprayer

Selecting a Texture Cartridge

Preparing the Texture Cartridge

Preparing to Spray

Spraying the Texture

Tips on Controlling the Texture Pattern

How to Stop Spraying

Cleaning the Sprayer Components

TexPro Testimonials

Dale Busic

Yasi Gonzalez

Christian Aguilar (Spanish)

Eduardo Gonzalez (Spanish)