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How To Repair Drywall

Repair a hole in drywall in just a few steps with Homax®

Q: How do you repair a hole in drywall?
A: Whether the hole was caused by a doorknob or the corner of a desk during a move, repairing a hole in drywall is a straightforward and simple process that only takes a few steps using a Homax®  Wall Patch.

Step 1: Sand Around The Hole
Lightly sand around the hole and wipe away any dirt or dust. This will allow the patch to stick properly and give the repair a uniform appearance.

Step 2: Apply Patch
Apply the Wall Patch by peeling off the backing paper and pressing it over the hole. Make sure the seal is tight and secured onto your surface.

Step 3: Spackle
Apply a light coat of spackle or joint compound over the patch, covering it completely. Feather the edges outward. Make sure to cover the corners of the mesh fabric so when you are finished your repair looks smooth and clean.

Step 4: Sand
Let the repaired area dry, then lightly sand. Repeat as needed to eliminate any visible edges of the patch.

Step 5: Match Texture
If your wall has a textured surface, reapply the texture as directed. Homax provides a number of wall textures that will allow you to replicate the look of your wall before the damage happened. Otherwise just skip to the next step.

Step 6: Paint
Repaint the area to match, making sure to feather in the new paint onto the previously painted parts of the walls for an even cover.

In these easy steps you can take a mini-disaster and make it look new again.