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3 Types of Drywall Textures

Learn which texture works for your space

Wall textures are commonly used to finish interior wall surfaces and hide taped drywall seams along with other imperfections. At the same time these textures transform flat walls into a finish that reflects light and adds interest to any room.  With a variety of formulas and textures to choose from, it is easy to add interest to the walls in your home.

Orange Peel (also called splatter or eggshell) looks like the skin of an orange. It is a great alternative to a smooth finish because it is subtle but easily hides wall and ceiling imperfections. It's durable and easily to clean making it a popular texture in rental homes, commercial buildings, and new construction. Its bumpy yet minimal finish also goes well with most décor, including modern styles.

The rustic flattened textures called Knockdown are reminiscent of stuccos and skip trowels. It exudes a casual elegance and lends itself to a wide range décor including Southwest and Mediterranean. It’s also commonly used to help hide minor surface imperfections. Dust can gather within ridges, making it slightly more difficult to clean than Orange Peel.

Popcorn texture (also known as Acoustic) is widely used to finish ceilings because it is cheap, easy to install, hides many imperfections and has noise dampening qualities. 

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