The SilenTs in 3 color palettes


Before you think the Silent Generation is only about nursing homes and Medicare, consider some of the demographic’s icons: Paul McCartney, Martha Stewart, Jane Fonda, Glenn Close, Robert DeNiro, Robert Redford, and Goldie Hawn – to name just a few.

As Depression-era babies, this generation places a high value on hard work, stability, and saving money – all of which inform their sense of design.


Light Classic

When developing projects for this generation, consider PPG Paints custom generational palettes such as Light Classic, which includes Sea Frost, Morning Breeze and Copenhagen accents with a neutrals Morocco Sand or Chocolate Beige.

The youngest Silents (ages early to mid-70s) are often drawn to fresh, transitional and modern farmhouse styles. Older Silents, however, continue to view antique and traditional-style design as the most valuable.


Casual Elegance

Our Casual Elegance color scheme blends Gypsum and Spring Thaw neutrals with Gray Frost and Saddle Soap accents.

Timelessness, quality and integrity are important ideals, which the Silent Generation subconsciously looks for products and services to convey.


True Traditional

The True Traditional paint colors include Blue Cloud, Elephant Gray and Dark Granite.