Born from 1979 through the year 2000, the aptly named Millennial generation became the first full generation of the technological age. An experience driven group, they value not only widespread reach and global influence, but the opinions of friends and social media groups when exploring the design world.


Eclectic Contemporary

In a rejection of the life inherited from their Boomer and Silent predecessors, our Eclectic Contemporary palette underlines the quirky individuality of colors like Magenta and Copenhagen, highlighted particularly when paired against open neutrals like Delicate White and Water Chestnut.

A cohort with a highly creative and entrepreneurial mindset, they are disruptors of industry, authority, convention, and tradition. Perhaps the biggest shift for Millennials when it comes to design is the role and the number of influencers. Prior to the rise of the internet, influencers were primarily senior editors at magazines, specific celebrities, and a handful of elite designers (edited opinions, heard by many). Today, with a large mistrust of brands, advertising, and an extreme trust for the opinions of their peers, Millennials look to personalities within their cohort group for influence (carefully considered opinions, heard by individuals).


Relaxed Transitional

Our Relaxed Transitional color scheme’s soft, simple neutrals and cool accents reflect a respite from the Millennial propensity for cultural disruption. Neutrals Aria and Silent Smoke blend flawlessly with accents like Zen and Flannel Pajamas, allowing the deep, striking accent neutral, Black Forest, to brilliantly stand out.


Mellow Modernist

The contrast between Twinkle Toes and Warrior extends far beyond their names in our Mellow Modernist color palette. These deliberate, quick accent colors stand out against both remaining softer accents, Copenhagen and Prophetic Sea, and frosty neutrals Delicate White and Aria. These extremes represent the Millennial desire for instant access and immediate gratification.