The Boomers in 3 color palettes


Born between 1946 and 1964, Boomers are hardly defined by their age. Embracing online shopping, social media, and technology at large, they’ve welcomed a rapidly evolving world, with the most junior Boomers often feeling a decade younger than their age.

Hotel Modern

The Hotel Modern scheme incorporates muted pastel neutrals Atrium White, Crushed Silk, and Winter’s Breath, accent neutral Oswego Tea, and accents Blue Blood, Hemlock, Sailor Boy, and Assateague Sand. With its neutrals being lighter shades of their accents, Hotel Modern provides a smooth, uniform design.

While more traditional Boomers feel some discomfort with how much the world has changed since they were children, many of the oldest Boomers have an immense amount of pride in shaping a new world where women and minorities have more freedom and stronger voices.



Emblematic of this pride, our Neo-Traditional palette offers the bold accents of Gothic Gold and Improbable with the equally elegant accent neutral Sleeping Giant.

Airy Social Space

The idea of “anti-aging” is less interesting to them than the idea of living well - indicating a consumer group with an easy acceptance about their age in life and place in society. Airy Social Space serves as a compliment to this quality of life, with open neutrals Accolade and Whiskers paired to equally light and muted Morocco Sand and Whirlwind