Celebrating Frank Lloyd Wright's 150th Birthday


Frank Lloyd Wright (1867 - 1959), arguably America’s greatest architect and among the world’s most gifted, has reached 150.


A man of boundless energy, he designed over 1,000 projects and authored nearly 20 books as well as hundreds of articles, letters and speeches. Early on, Wright defined the principles of what he called an “organic architecture” and championed it throughout his 74 year career. Appropriate to time, place and man, an organic architecture, “proceeds, persists, creates according to the nature of man and his circumstances as they both change.” As part of this birthday celebration, we are humbled to honor his memory with our unveiling of the new Frank Lloyd Wright color palette.


A Revitalized Palette

Based on a palette developed by Wright in the 1950s, this color collection was newly updated by PPG’s color experts in collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. This earthy and neutral palette, emulates lavish greenery, serene bodies of water, and rich woods, combining various natural elements known to inspire Wright during his design years. 



Rich reds, such as our Cherokee Red, Wright Deep Rust and Crushed Cinnamon, represent the iron-ore present in many of Wright’s structures. Organic greens like Wright Green Olive and Woolen Vest, pair with deep browns such as Wright Oak Bark and Fig Branches to depict the never-ending inspiration Wright found in plants and vegetation. New colors to the palette include Moth Gray, a brown-gray blend which works well with granite and trending metals, as well as Violet Verbena, a chameleon-like mix of violet, gray and blue which emulates the verbena flower and works well with neutral materials. Antiquity, a classic butterscotch beige, ties in yellow-toned hardwoods used in many Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired designs.


Wright’s designs included residences, shops, hotels, religious structures, skyscrapers, civic centers, amusement parks, bridges, and museums. Believing the architect should create total environments, he also designed art glass windows, furniture, fabrics, lamps, carpets, china, statuary, urns, and tiles. Graphic, landscape and automobile designs are also found within his body of work.


“At PPG, we find inspiration everywhere, but especially in nature, just like Wright did,” adds PPG Senior Color Marketing Manager, Dee Schlotter. “The colors combine inspiration from some of Wright’s most iconic designs, such as Taliesin West™ and Fallingwater®, with modern hues, such as Blue Shamrock and Debonaire, allowing consumers and designers to bring harmony between humanity and its environment.” 


See the full palette or order the collection through Voice of Color.