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Acrylic Pouring with Floetrol®

Helping you create your next masterpiece

Acrylic Pouring with Floetrol<sup>®</sup>

The acrylic pouring technique has created some truly awesome pieces of art. Between the vibrant, complex color combinations and the dreamy, flowing patterns, artwork created through acrylic pouring can look absolutely stunning. Though these pieces seem intense and challenging, they're actually easy to create in the comfort of your own home. The materials are simple, as long as you have Flood Floetrol® in the mix. Try your hand at acrylic pouring with our step-by-step guide below – you might be better at it than you think.

Materials List

  • 1 Qt. of Floetrol®
  • Liquid silicone
  • Bottles of acrylic paint, colors of your choice
  • Canvas of any size (can be done on multiple substrates)
  • Clear plastic cups
  • Stirring sticks
  • Gloves
  • Tarp or dropcloth to keep underlying surface clean

Step-by-Step Guide

Each paint color needs to be mixed in separate cups. This is to keep the paints from mixing together and to properly mix the right amounts of Floetrol with the paint.

1. Mix 1 part Floetrol with 2 parts acrylic paint
2. Stir the mixture thoroughly
3. Add in 2-4 drops of liquid silicone
4. Stir the mixture thoroughly
5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each paint color, using a separate container for each color
6. Now, pour the colors you want in the painting layer by layer in one plastic cup

7. Take the canvas (or other object) you’re about to paint on, flip it upside down and place it canvas-side down over the plastic cup. Keep the cup against the flat canvas surface, and flip them both at once so that the cup is facing down and the surface is facing up.

8. When ready, lift the plastic cup filled with paint and it should all flow outward.
9. Change the direction and outcome of the painting by tilting the surface, using a paint brush to move colors, or using air sprayers to direct the paint.
10. Let dry for 24 hours, ideally on an elevated surface so air can ventilate the bottom of the canvas as well.

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