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Living Room Color Schemes

Four paint colors for a modern, comfortable living room

Living Room Paint Colors

A living room should feel inviting and livable not just for yourself, but for all who enter your home.

The best advice for choosing a living room color scheme is to focus on what kind of atmosphere you want to create, whether it should be deep and elegant, or subtle and relaxed, or something in between. In addition, be sure to consider the colors of rugs, furniture and other decorations so you can choose a paint color that fits the existing colors of the room. And when in doubt, choose the shade that is appealing to you. After all, nobody will spend more time in the living room than you and your family.

Baritone Blue

Blues with a touch of grey appear smoky and are easy to coordinate with. Colors like Baritone are great for living rooms because the deep, rich tone looks elegant and fashionable, particularly when paired with dark hardwood floors or furniture. Smoky blues like Baritone offer a great choice that isn't too dark or too light and infuse personality into a living room.

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Irradiant Iris

Many people think of grey as a boring color, but a light, subtle shade is perfect for some living rooms. Among living room color schemes it is certainly on the less striking side, but a subtle blue-grey like Irradiant Iris can help to create a relaxed, casual atmosphere. It is also an ideal choice if you have lighter-colored furniture or rugs that might clash with deeper shades, or if you have beautiful views from a window that you don't want to be overpowered by lusher colors.

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Burgundy Wine

Think of the color of dark, polished wood, maybe even tinged with a touch of red. Burgundy Wine is widely recognized as an elegant color, and it is among the best choices for living room colors because it never goes out of style. Whether you're pairing it with dark wood furniture or simply want to evoke warm tones to make your living room feel comfortable, deep rich burgundies like Burgundy Wine are a great choice. 

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Powerfully Pink

If you're looking for light, vibrant colors for living rooms, one good choice is a coral shade of light pink. The color is fashionable right now thanks to the warmth and energy of shades like Jaguar Rose, and it is sure to make your living room feel like the perfect place to sit back and relax. Rosy shades pair well with white or light-colored floors, rugs and furniture, and they're sure to catch the eye. If you prefer effect over subtlety, give pink a try.

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