Paint Color Collection: With Out

Designs that are both quiet and powerful

Paint Color Collection: With Out

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The hues in our 'With Out" collection convey a design mood that is both calming and quieting, yet still impactful and powerful. The notion that quiet can be powerful is very much aligned with the trending design mantra, "less is more." 

Less is More

The key is achieving the right balance, in which the bolder items are used more sparingly. 

Calming and Quiet

The interior of the "With Out" home is calming and quiet. Blacks, whites, creams, beiges and warm oak-y browns comprise the majoriy of the interior palette. Antique slate makes an ideal hue for an accent wall, a window trim or occasional chair. 

Architectural Inspiration

Gabled modern architecture inspires this theme heavily, though simple graphic plays on black and white are also options.