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Vicente Wolf: Gray Paint Colors

Only the best grays for a modern, clean look

Vicente Wolf: Gray Paint Colors

Gray Paint Colors

Grays whisper when whites shout.

If white is too bright or makes you squint, then choose a gray color from Vicente Wolf's Color Diaries to soften the backdrop. Although they mix well with all colors, grays are content on their own too. Think Chanel suit or the old world charm of a Parisian flat.

Vicente Wolf


I love Amsterdam. I love the blacks, the taupes, the whites. It's so graphic.

Walls and Trim: Dover Gray PPG1001-5

Inspired by Amsterdam

Gray Paint Colors

The financial capital of the Netherlands, the city's architecture reflects its business prowess. Because of the chameleon-type nature of gray paint colors, whatever you put around them can have an effect as to what undertone comes out. Create a modern vibe with the perfect gray paint color.

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