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Vicente Wolf Paint Color Collections

Emotional spaces by color enthusiast and international designer Vicente Wolf

Photo by Julien Capmeil

Vicente Wolf Paint Color Collections

Vicente Wolf is an interior and furniture designer with great talent and passion.

He is consistently named one of the Top 100 Designers in the world each year by Architectural Digest magazine. His love of whites and neutrals in meaningful, unforgettable designs are showcased in the homes and hotels throughout the world. 

Vicente shares his favorite colors in his new fan deck, Soulitude, with 100+ full-leaf color swatches of his favorite neutrals. The fandeck is ideal for interior designers, architects and color enthusiasts.

Complimentary Fan Deck

Vicente Wolf

International Designer

The most successful interiors soothe the senses and allow us to be ourselves. They reflect our personalities, desires and aspirations. They indicate where we've been and reveal where we're headed.

Whenever I walk into a well-designed room, I'm transformed in some way – always for the better. Whether the room calm, stimulates, comforts, balances, relaxes me, I'm always emotionally engaged.