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Paint Color Collection: I'MPOWER

Defy convention with this fluid color scheme

The I'MPOWER theme represents the desire to embrace change and progressively welcome new, different ways of living. Energetic blue and green paint colors bump up against subtle midtones for a shock of color and attention. Clean colors bump up against grayed ones.

Colored Wood Stains

Interior spaces blend contemporary elements with eclectic furnishings. Colored wood stains and pronounced grains can be exaggerated.

Push Your Mind

The I'MPOWER color palette reflects the dark, the light, and everything in between. The harmonies may not always be as easy to digest, yet they are interesting, attractive, and in many ways, push your mind to accept change.

Altered State

Leathers and textiles play up random, abstract patterns with no definitive beginning or end – instead they meander fluidly like reptile skin – while rusted finishes imply change, an altered state from where they began.