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Paint Color Collection: Hourglass

Find stability by updating the familiar with classic colors

The paint colors used in our Hourglass palette work well when blended with a healthy dose of neutrals, which continue to be popular in architectural interiors and exteriors. Browns, blacks and gray-browns are prominent for trims, accents and feature walls. These key colors complement the undertones of wood stains, marbles and stone tiles.

Classical and Historical

The Hourglass color scheme is about foundations, origins, and finding stability by updating the familiar. This trend looks to the classics and historical relevance for inspiration.

Patterns and Weaves

Herringbone, pinstripe, large-scale plaid, basket weave and twill are not just for textiles but reworked in leather and resin surfaces. Metals are soft-brushed, and are shown in a mix of old and new finishes, with gold finishing the material of choice.

Warm Neutrality

Gray-brown hues are key to this theme, as they satisfy the neutrality that is adored in contemporary design yet carry enough warmth and earthiness to embody security and stability.