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Paint Color Collection: Biocentric

Colors combining natural and galactic inspirations

The Biocentric color palette in our Pendulum color trend represents the link between our life on earth and what exists beyond us in our solar system. Organic green paint colors are accented by an intense yellow against cosmic blue-blacks.

Galactic Energy

Black and white take on an almost futuristic appeal here, like a space shuttle, mixed with natural greens in leafy and olive tones.

Plants and Organic Matter

Interior architecture is a true fusion of cosmic and nature-derived influences. Plants and organic matter designed into the interior spaces and furnishings will grow more prominent. Plants in this theme have a strange, other-worldly look.

Hazy Cosmic Hues

When intergalactic darks are set against muted pastels of purple, pink and pale gray, it conjures the hazy hues you see in photos of the cosmos.