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Paint Color Collection: Lucid Dreams

Nuanced pastels create a soothing space

Legendary fashion designer Tom Ford has famously said, "Time and silence are the most luxurious things today." Such sentiments echo the growing consumer desire for regular escapism from the pace of today's technologically driven world. The muted pastel colors of the Lucid Dreams collection in our Odyssey color trends pair with soft neutrals to induce calming, relaxing environments. Accents of dark gray and black act as accent hues, anchoring the ethereal spirit of the rest of the palette.

Natural and Minimalist

Natural textures and materials add warmth to this nearly minimalist mood. Cozy and plush textiles soften the usual strictness of contemporary lines, and chalky, matte finishes add a sense of quietness. 

Escaping Daily Life

As a result of the rising consumer interest in escaping the perceived harshness of daily life, a subtle and soft aesthetic is becoming more favorable for use in furnishings and décor. Pastel hues and austere, quiet spaces are on the uptrend.

Tender Pastels

Pair ceramic, matte and high gloss finishes side-by-side, which looks uniquely charming in the theme's tender pastel tones.