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Paint Color Palette: Interior Paint Color Statements

Curated combinations to pull off a coordinated look

Interior Paint Color Palette: Light Drizzle (PPG1033-4)

Interior Paint Color Palette: 

When choosing an interior wall paint color, consider all other colors in the space.

Our interior paint color collection includes curated combinations, so you can find your favorites and see how it will look in your space. We chose some of our top colors used by designers, pro painters and homeowners as a starting point. The colors are organized into themes so you can pair the right colors together for a very pulled together look.

Light and Airy

Play on the ethereal with hues reminiscent of clouds, dew and snow.

Warm and Inviting

With their delicate yellow undertones, these hues are both neutral and optimistic. Cake Batter is a cheery choice for kitchens and rooms that enjoy morning sunlight.

Deep and Dramatic

Best used for accent walls, these colors are luxuriously saturated and attention-getters. These dark hues can turn accent walls or stairwells into feature areas.