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2024 Color Trends: Limitless

A new era of explosive creativity & change

2024 Color Trends

We are entering a new era of explosive creativity and change. This next decade will see unprecedented shifts in the way we work, communicate, take care of our health, build and navigate our environments, explore digital worlds, create and design, and even how we share our own identities with the world.

Featured Color: Limitless

2024 Color of the Year


A fresh, warm hue, Limitless contains both the power of a primary color and the essence of a neutral. It is strong enough to stand as the leading color of many products, yet works equally well as a supporting tone to both warm and cool shades.


Featured Colors: Focus, Night Rendezvous

2024 Trending Theme

Volume I

Calming, soothing and softening tints and tones are offset by warmed earthen and cooling twilight shades. Volume I is about checking out of the world at large, and tuning elsewhere.

View Volume I Color Palette


Featured Colors: Purple Basil, Cappucino Bombe

2024 Trending Theme

Volume II

A generous range of earthy and natural greens pair with a bouquet of warm and floral hues - further energized by vivacious blues and kept in balance by dark neutrals. Volume II is all about transforming the world at large into a place of wonder and awe.

View Volume II Color Palette

Featured Colors: Daring Indigo, Parfait, Catalina

2024 Trending Theme

Volume III

Referencing popular hues from the Baroque, Renaissance, Art Deco and Pop Art periods, this palette combines the best of the best. Volume III is all about defying and reinventing the world at large.

View Volume III Color Palette


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