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2023 Global Paint Color Trends

Our Global Meeting Of Color Experts

Paint Color Consultants


That's the question our customers ask us. Our answer: everywhere. This year, we're giving you a behind-the-scenes look at exactly how we created the PPG The Voice of Colour® 2024 Paint Color Trends.

Think Outside The Can

The car you drive, the cell phone you use and the airplane you fly in may all feature PPG colors. We consider color styles from multiple industries, not just paint.
Our color trends aren't just limited to your home because the colors you love aren't just limited to your home.


Dee Schlotter, PPG Color Expert, discusses upcoming trends at the Global Color Meeting

Featured Color: Limitless

2024 Color of the Year


A fresh, warm hue, Limitless contains both the power of a primary color and the essence of a neutral. It is strong enough to stand as the leading color of many products, yet works equally well as a supporting tone to both warm and cool shades.


2024 Color Trends

We are entering a new era of explosive creativity and change. This next decade will see unprecedented shifts in the way we work, communicate, take care of our health, build and navigate our environments, explore digital worlds, create and design, and even how we share our own identities with the world.

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Meet The Global Experts

Our PPG color connoisseurs are unmatched in their color expertise.
Here are some of our experts who helped make our 2024 color trends happen.

Misty Walker Yeomans

Color Styling Manager, Automotive, North America

The insights, research, innovation and expertise behind the colors we style for the automotive industry are industry-leading and valued by our automotive customers.  I’m proud to be a part of such a talented, global automotive color team to deliver on-trend colors and coating solutions for the future of mobility.


Global Color Styling Lead, IC Consumer Products

When it comes to color selection and execution, PPG delivers a global perspective and expertise amongst various business units and capabilities. We create an extensive color trend story that fits the needs of our various clients, not only from trends, but down to creating color panels specific to their production needs. When a client sees our newest color trends for Electronic Materials, Kitchenware and Industrial Bakeware, Powder Coating and Transportation these colors are capable of going straight into production.

Ashley McCollum

Color Marketing Manager, Architectural Coatings, North America

Our goal is to offer the right colors to our customers so they can create meaningful and beautiful projects. We draw from nature, fashion, and color psychology to create an emotional connection to our colors.