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The Colors of Fallingwater®

Authentic paint colors from one of the greatest architectural achievements.

The Colors of Fallingwater<sup>®</sup>

Image credit: Robert P. Ruschak, courtesy of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

The Colors of Fallingwater®

At PPG, we love how Fallingwater inspires not only color choice but also emotions.  It’s that connection that makes you feel something when you are in this space.  Bring the Fallingwater paint colors to your home or next project to create your own soulful environment.

In this palette, organic greens pair with deep browns to depict the never-ending inspiration the Fallingwater environment of plants and vegetation. Moth Gray, a brown-gray blend which works well with granite and trending metals, and ties in yellow-toned hardwoods used in many other organic designs, like Fallingwater.

Fallingwater® Red is Fallingwater’s signature color and is used throughout on the metal framing on windows and doors. It is the color of iron ore, found regionally. The exterior is painted Covered Wagon, a serene color that is reminiscent of the dying rhododendrons in the fall and blends in perfectly with the environment.

Fallingwater is a registered trademark of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. Photographs of Fallingwater are used with permission of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.