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Cool Exterior House Colors

Complement the surrounding landscaping and foliage

Cool Exterior House Color: Gray Stone (PPG1009-4)

Cool Exterior House Colors

Cool harmonies look fresh and calming.

Warmer tones can be introduced as accents to add energy and charm to the complete look.

Door Color: Dragonfly (PPG1162-7)

Cool Exterior House Colors

Harmonize with the Landscape

When selecting exterior paint colors for your home, consider the colors represented in the surrounding landscape, such as trees, flowers, stones and shrubs. The hues you choose will need to harmonize with these tones found in the immediate natural environment.

Snipping a few pieces from the most dominant plants around your home and bringing them to the paint store can save you time in the decision making process. Watery blues and blue-green shades, like Dragonfly PPG1162-7, are complementary to most foliage.