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Tools and resources for Architects and Specifiers


Paint And Coating Specifications For Architects And Specifiers

Proper specification of paints and coatings products ensures your projects deliver long-lasting beauty and protection both inside and outside the building envelope. PPG PAINTS™ provides a variety of resources to Architects and Specifiers to save time and deliver visible results.

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ARCAT<sup>®</sup> SPECWIZARD<sup>®</sup>

Paint And Coating Specifications For Architects and Specifiers : ARCAT®


The ARCAT® SPECWIZARD® can help guide you through the process of selecting and configuring the best PPG Paints interior and exterior paints and coatings for your next project.



Deltek MasterSpec

View PPG Paints comprehensive library of specifications that covers 8 sections in full-length format both with and without MPI reference. MasterSpec specifications are customizable and include qualitative product overviews, editing instructions, reference standards, manufacturer and product comparisons, drawing coordination and specification checklists.
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Deltek SpecBuilder Expert

SpecBuilder Expert is an intelligent tool that provides an easy way to create specifications while providing "expert" assistance in decision making.

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Building Systems Design, Inc.

Paint And Coating Specifications For Architects and Specifiers: SpecLink

Building Systems Design, Inc.

SpecLink is intuitive specification-writing software that helps you make more informed decisions, faster, through every phase of the design process. Built on a sophisticated database, the software offers advanced capabilities you just won’t find in a word processing system.

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