PITT-TECH® Interior/Exterior Satin DTM Industrial Enamels

Pitt-Tech Satin Industrial Enamels are a full line of 100% Acrylic water borne enamels designed for direct-to-metal application. These products provide corrosion protection, chemical and solvent resistance, and are fast drying with low odor. Recommended for use on properly prepared interior or exterior metal, masonry, plaster, and drywall surfaces. For Professional Use Only; Not intended for Residential use.

  • Satin
Features & Benefits
Features Benefits
Excellent adhesion for true DTM performance in Pastel Base
Ready-Mixed Color
Improved color, and gloss retention versus most alkyds and two component coatings
High hiding
Flash rust resistant
Easy to apply, low odor
Performance Offset to Federal Standard TT-E-2784 and MIL-P-28578
Can earn USGBC LEED® 2009 credits
Conformance Standards
  • USGBC LEED® 2009
  • CAGBC LEED® 2009
Where to Use
  • Aluminum
  • Ferrous Metal
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Gypsum/Wallboard/Drywall