Machinecoat® Plus

PPG Machine Applied Coatings Machinecoat Plus Exterior Acrylic Latex Finish is designed as an air-dry or force-dry coating to be applied to new wood siding (rough-sawn or smooth cedar, redwood, pine, etc.) or specific brands of manufactured siding. Machinecoat Plus is designed for application by Professional Authorized Machine Applicators using approved machine application methods and equipment. Machinecoat Plus Exterior Acrylic Latex Finish can also be used for touch-up and trim application.

  • Lo-Sheen
Where to Use
  • Composite
  • Wood
Sizes and Data Sheets
Code Finish Base Sizes Download
UC80147 Lo-Sheen Virgin White Fives | TT
UC80148 Lo-Sheen Black Fives | TT
UC80149 Lo-Sheen Yellow Fives | TT
UC80150 Lo-Sheen Red Fives | 55 | TT
UC80151 Lo-Sheen Deep Green Fives | 55 | TT
UC80152 Lo-Sheen Deep Blue Fives | 55 | TT
UC80153 Lo-Sheen Magenta Fives | TT
UC80154 Lo-Sheen Bright Yellow Fives | 55 | TT
UC80155 Lo-Sheen Bright Red Fives | 55 | TT