US National AIM

Rules for Architectural & Industrial Maintenance Coatings

US National AIM

In 1998, the US EPA issued a nationwide Architectural and Industrial Maintenance (AIM) Coatings rule limiting emissions from volatile organic compounds (VOC) pursuant with the Clean Air Act. The purpose of this rule was based on the EPA’s determination that VOC emissions from the use of architectural coatings had the potential to contribute to ozone levels. 

Eco-Friendly Paint Products : US National AIM

US National AIM Rule

Ozone is a major component of smog which had been found to cause negative health and environmental impacts when present in high concentrations at ground level. This rule required products manufactured on or after the implementation date to meet the VOC limits for the defined Architectural and Industrial Maintenance (AIM) coating categories.

Eco-Friendly Paint Products : US National AIM

AIM Rule Exemptions:

  • Small container exemption allows the sale of coatings above the maximum VOC limits if packaged in containers of one liter or less.

  • Sell-through provision allows the sale of coatings above the maximum VOC limits if manufactured prior to the rule's effective date, September 13, 1999.

  • Manufacturers can choose to pay an exceedance fee to the US EPA for coatings above the maximum VOC Limits.

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Flat 250
Non-Flat 380
Non-Flat High Gloss 380
Industrial Maintenance General 450
Industrial Maintenance High Temp 650
Primer 350
Quick Dry Primer 450
Specialty Primer 350
Quick Dry Enamel 450
Floor 400
Rust Preventative 400
Stains Semi-Transparent/Opaque 550/350
Dry Fog 400
Varnish 450
Waterproofing Sealer - Wood 600
Waterproofing Sealer - Concrete 600